Patreon is a platform where you can join your favorite creator's community and pay them for making the stuff you love. I started a Patreon page and I would love it if you joined me!


Why Patreon?

I started a Patreon page so that I could build a community where I can share all of the details about my work. I wanted a place to write about theory, share my process, and start discussions in a more personal environment. The monthly fee helps me focus on long-term projects and cover some of the art supply costs.

How does it Work?

You choose the amount you want to give and then you will be charged on a monthly basis. You can choose one of the tiers I have set up, or enter a custom amount. No matter if I post only twice, or ten times, you will only ever be charged once per month for the amount that you choose. You can adjust your donation or cancel any time. Watch the video below to see an explanation of Patreon by its founder Jack Conte.

What can I expect?

Every one of my patrons gets exclusive access to all of my posts. I share my newest work and the stories behind my paintings. You can expect lots of photos of my work in progress, shots of me and my studio, and videos that show the evolution of paintings. Depending on the tier that you choose, you can also receive postcards, prints, drawings, or paintings in the mail as well as exclusive discounts on artwork.