A Charm of Powerful Trouble, Oil on canvas, 40x30 inches, available
 All the World is Here to Look on Me, Oil on canvas (diptych), 40x64 inches, available
 We are Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On, Oil on canvas, 20x20 inches, available
 Briars and Thorns at this Apparel Snatch, Oil on canvas, 18x48 inches, available
 Thieves Sooner than Gold, Oil on canvas, 40x30 inches, available
 Fortune Brings in Some Boats that are not Steered, Oil on canvas, 60x48 inches
 Whose Horrid Image doth Unfix my Hair, Oil on canvas, 40x30 inches, on Artsy through the Zhou B Art Center for Painting the Figure Now
 When I Close My Eyes There’s Stillness, Charcoal on paper, 76x55 inches, available
 These Hands Hold, Charcoal on paper, 55x55 inches, available
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